« When the band got onstage and started to play, they all had their eyes closed. This is basically how I enjoyed most of the show, letting Karim cradle me with his soothing, deep voice. Karim sings like an angel, what he calls a “Peace anthem”… » bloodyunderrated.net   


« One day, I stumbled across Karim Dabo’s music online and I was transfixed. His vocals are soft and sensitive …» worldmusiccentral.org




Quebecker by adoption, Karim Charles Dabo of his real name, embodies the public-spirited artist of the world who upsets the borders thanks to committed texts but always humanist. The history begins in his family, every musicians, he is inspired by his father Senegalese percussionist and her French mother, professor of dance. With his twin brother Matthias Dabo, it evolves in the learning of African western traditional musics and leaves forming in Senegal in several professional ballets in 2007 and 2011.
It is only later, in 2013 than he discovers the guitar and the song. To produce his first album five titles, he surrounds itself with the best director: SébastienPintiaux, his older brother, who by love is going to allow him to concretize him. The tone is given! The Natural Acoustic Music was born, as Karim Dabo likes defining it.